mai 30, 2023


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PUP recipients warned of a major change that goes into effect tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26

People receiving the lowest rate of pandemic unemployment payments, €203, are being warned that a major change will take effect from tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26.

From Tuesday, October 26, those who receive a lower price of €203 will be transferred to the Job Seekers Allowance.

The Social Protection Department says it has written to all clients concerned to clarify the details of the transition from the PUP and the options that will be available to them.

In a statement, he informed recipients that “it is important that these clients select the most appropriate option for them and ask those who wish to apply for Job Seeker Payments to do so no later than Thursday, October 21.

“If no order is received from this client, the final PUP payment will be made on October 26.”

Wallet full of money, close up

Two more phases of price changes are scheduled from November 16, 2021 and February 8, 2022. With PUP recipients moving to a rate of €203 in each phase, they will be moved to standard job seekers terms.

The government had originally planned to transfer people from the PPP to job seekers after the first cut on September 7. But late plans after thousands faced tests of finances and income cuts when placed on job seekers.

This also means that self-employed people have also lost the ability under the PUP program to earn up to €960 over eight weeks without losing their benefits.

from October 26, If you use the reimbursement price of 203 euros, you will start to go to the standard terms for job seekers.

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then who November 16, The payment will be reduced again.

  • If you get a price of 250 euros per week – it will change to 203 euros per week.
  • If you get a price of 300 euros per week – it will change to 250 euros per week.

Finally, PUP will be completely phased out by February 8 2022, and all remaining recipients will be transferred to the Job Seeker Standard Terms.

Last week, €24.2 million were issued to 93,399 PUP recipients, a decrease of 3,731 compared to the previous week.

The PUP pay week runs from Friday to Thursday and payments are made the following Tuesday. For example, individuals who closed their PUP program by Monday, October 18, when they returned to work, will receive their final PUP payment on Tuesday, October 26.

Meanwhile, anyone who was due to receive any welfare payments today, Monday, October 25, received their payment on Friday, October 22 due to the bank holiday.