juin 10, 2023


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Nando is temporarily closing stores across the UK due to a shortage of semi-ocean chicken

Nando’s was reportedly forced to close some of its restaurants after they ran out of chicken on the piri piri.

The chain has temporarily closed about 50 outlets across England, Scotland and Wales after experiencing supply shortages, according to the BBC.

The radio said it would loan some of its employees to suppliers to « get things moving » again.

In response to customer outrage on Twitter, Nando described the situation as « kind of a ‘clicker’. »

The restaurant said: « The UK supply chain is kind of a ‘clicker’ at the moment.

“This is having an indirect effect with some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales.

« We’re doing everything we can to get the semi-surroundings back where they belong – on your plates! »

In another tweet, the restaurant, which serves Afro-Portuguese-inspired chicken dishes, apologized for the « disappointment » and said suppliers couldn’t keep up with the « demand for piri piri ».

Nandu said: “We are sorry for any disappointment this caused.

“Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand in the semi-surrounding areas. Which means that some of our restaurants have had to close temporarily to restock.”

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