mai 29, 2023


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McDonald’s worker leaves people angry after explaining how driving works

Whether you’re hungry or need a refreshment, there’s really nothing better than standing on the golden arches and eating a Big Mac without having to get off your ass.

But, while venturing into a McDonald’s car trip is undoubtedly a luxury many of us can’t live without, it’s fair to say we’ll never be able to tour a cheeky McFlurry the same way again.

That’s because a McDonald’s employee has lifted the lid on a number of driving secrets we were unaware of, from hidden cameras, to our private conversations.

Turning to TikTok, @secretfitzz revealed that while we were sitting there with makeup on last night, mucking around in the filth of our hangover, the Maccies are already taking secret snapshots of our unsuspecting mugs. And not only that, they listen to our conversations too.

« The fact that people don’t know we can hear your transfers even when we’re not talking to you while you’re receiving your order, » TikToker explained.

« And we have a camera on the speakerphone that takes a picture of you so we know who’s order. »

« Seeing random snapshots of random people makes my day better, » she added.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many people are aghast at the possibility that their horrific photos and secret conversations are so readily available to McDonald’s employees.

One TikToker commented: “If this is true, I will never go back,” while another added, “A new fear has opened: driving by driving.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: « How do you hear my conversation when you can’t hear my screams into the microphone from 5 cm away? »

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